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Muse Series - Kymberlie

Sometimes in this world, someone's face and spirit seem to connect just a little more flawlessly with me and my camera and every frame I snap of them holds a kind of magic that could not be duplicated if I tried. I met Kymberlie many years ago at my non-profit job and was immediately drawn to her for some reason. Fast forward 2 years later and I needed a subject for a project in my darkroom class. Kymberlie was down to come over, even if it was just for the mimosas I offered. What happened that afternoon can't be put into words, but it can be put into pictures. Since then, whenever I start missing her face so bad it hurts, I make her come over and it happens all over again. Here's to a lady who has no idea how gracefully she moves or just how much love and light she brings into the world around her. I'm glad my camera gets to show her what she's missing.

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